Sumitomo Executive Conference Room Full Renovation

For Sumitomo Drive Technologies, the goal was clear: create an executive conference room that blends cutting-edge technology with seamless functionality for a global audience. Tasked with crafting a space conducive to top-tier corporate strategy, we integrated high-performance audiovisual systems with an aesthetic that speaks to Sumitomo’s innovative ethos. Comfort and style led the design, accommodating 19 executives in an environment built for breakthroughs. The result is a room that doesn’t just host meetings—it propels business forward.

Chesapeake, VA
672 ft²

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Client Overview

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, one of Japan’s premier machinery manufacturers. It is a leading manufacturer of gearboxes, gear motors, speed reducers, inverters, and control products for a multitude of global applications. Headquartered in Chesapeake, Sumitomo Drive Technologies operates from a 200,000 square foot facility and employs around 200 skilled workers. Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been recognized for their exceptional performance earning awards such as Best Mid-Sized Company and Best Overall Company in Hampton Roads. Renowned for their quality and service, they offer gearbox repair, technical support, and aftermarket solutions, making them a reliable choice for industrial gearbox needs.

Project Scope

The executive conference room at Sumitomo Drive Technologies serves as a premier space for high-level meetings, presentations, and strategic discussions.  Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, it facilitates seamless communication with stakeholders worldwide. This room was built to provide comfortable seating for executives and key decision-makers, accommodating up to 19 people, while fostering a professional ambiance conducive to productive discussions. With its sophisticated design and modern amenities, the executive conference room reflects Sumitomo’s commitment to excellence and innovation in corporate communication and strategy development.

  • Lighting: A sophisticated approach to performance lighting was installed. This fixture combines OLED for soft, uniform diffused lighting and LED for powerful brightness, with both sources working in tandem through an intricate light control system. The light control system is designed to manage and regulate the illumination levels through a touch panel. Because this light fixture could not be directly supported by the ceiling, it was suspended by steel channel, threaded rods, and aircraft cable.
  • Multimedia Implementation:  For optimal performance and functionality of the multimedia setup within the space, we constructed a wall to accommodate a recessed mount for a 98” LED-backlit LCD TV, ensuring a flush fit.  Additionally, we modified the existing electrical floor outlet conduits to support Sumitomo’s custom boardroom table.
  • HVAC:  Six supply air vents were installed around the boardroom table for enhanced comfort.
  • Casework: Casework matching the Bolivian Rosewood Finish of the boardroom table was built to enclose a new undercounter beverage refrigerator, complete with a quartz countertop, and installed. A floating A/V cabinet was also installed.
  • Glass Film:  Translucent embossed vinyl film was applied to the glass walls, serving as an excellent privacy solution by obscuring direct visibility while allowing ample light transmission for a contributing and inviting atmosphere.    
  • Finishes: New carpet tiles were installed, and painting was completed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

The Challenge

  • Initial Concerns: Ensuring safety and minimizing disruption to the office environment was paramount during construction, which took place during a fully operational business setting.
  • Specific Needs: Given their manufacturing operations within the facility, strict adherence to safety standards and regulations is extremely important to them. Also, scheduling was critical to meet the 8-week deadline.

Our Approach

  • Consultation and Planning: Prior to our consultation, Sumitomo provided construction drawings, offering us a sneak peek into their vision. This allowed us to delve into key features, layout, and design particulars before setting foot on-site for our consultation. During our consultation, we walked the space with our client and answered questions related to the construction process specific for this project. It was during this meeting that we learned Sumitomo had purchased a lavish custom conference room table and they wanted construction to be completed prior to the table’s delivery in 8 weeks.
  • Customized Solution: Our in-house skilled labor crews went to work immediately, and priority was given to ordering the lighting package, beverage refrigerator, and finishes. A precise construction schedule was formulated and maintained throughout the entire renovation.
  • Execution: Successfully managing the multifaceted aspects of this project, including coordinating numerous trade subcontractors in a confined space within a tight timeline, demanded meticulous attention to detail and precise execution to meet Sumitomo’s high standards. Prioritizing safety at every step, we regularly implement our established safety protocols, recognizing the paramount importance of a well-organized, clean job site are both safety and efficiency. We also maintained a proactive approach to minimizing construction waste and protecting the office environment from dust and debris, ensuring minimal disruption to Sumitomo’s daily operation.

Results and Impact:

The project was a resounding success, characterized by meticulous attention to detail, precise execution, and a client-focused approach. Key points include the seamless coordination of multiple subcontractors within a confined space, the prioritization of safety and cleanliness, and the proactive measures taken to minimize disruption to Sumitomo's daily operations. The outcome exceeded the client's goals, providing them with a sophisticated and innovative space that met their high standards and fostered productivity and collaboration. Overall, the project showcased our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver exceptional results while meeting tight deadlines and client expectations.

“Team efforts are so important for us. We work as a team with our customers, with our personnel, and with our suppliers. We believe in the strength of a team and that together we can go farther. We have been partnering with MBS on several projects. Quality, service, and exceptional results are some of the characteristics that the MBS team has been offering to us. Having a trustworthy contractor that understands our needs and is always willing to go the extra mile for us has been key in our day-to-day challenges. Thanks, MBS, for being a key member of our success.”

— Eduardo Plata, Corporate Project Manager, Sumitomo Machine Corporation of America

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