RRMM Architects Office Remodel

This 24,800 square foot 'open remodel' involved creating a new, modern conference room, revamping the lobby, and infusing the space with fresh finishes—all while the firm remained fully operational. Key to the project was the installation of an intricate, acoustical ceiling feature designed to enhance aesthetics and sound quality, reflecting RRMM's dedication to innovative design.

Chesapeake, VA
24,794 ft²

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Client Overview

RRMM Architects is an award-winning, full-service architecture, planning and interior design firm. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on creating impactful built environments, RRMM serves a diverse clientele across sectors such as commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, and government. Their portfolio boasts a range of notable projects, showcasing their expertise in delivering creative, functional, and sustainable designs throughout our community. 

Project Scope

This project was a complete renovation of their main entrance including the reception and a new open concept conference room. We were integrated from the start, assisting with design and value engineering as needed. This 24,800 square foot renovation was an “open remodel” allowing continuous use of the space throughout construction. This project involved constructing a new conference room, reconfiguring the lobby, installing new finishes, reorganizing furniture, and creating a new sample library space.  Precise scheduling and meticulous attention to detail were essential, particularly due to the inclusion of carpeting and painting throughout the space.

  • Acoustical Ceiling Nest:  Our superintendents, along with our in-house skilled labor crew, installed a unique suspension system reminiscent of a bird’s nest within the reception and conference room ceilings. Not only did this system create a striking visual impact, but it was also meticulously designed to enhance room acoustics. The unassembled "nest" arrived in hundreds of pieces, requiring careful assembly on-site to achieve the desired layout. Each sound-absorbing panel was pieced together by hand to form the desired arrangement. Using aircraft cable, each piece was then securely hung, ensuring proper alignment and flush installation. Achieving a cohesive appearance necessitated precise spacing and adjustments in panel height and alignment to complement the newly constructed GWB soffits and pendant lighting. To complete the professional finish, panels were trimmed or edged for aesthetic enhancement, with particular attention given to concealing any visible hardware and suspension components. The nest was hung in both the Reception and Conference rooms, where the presence of two soffits and a glass wall dividing the spaces posed challenges for achieving uniform construction. 
  • Framing Support for Wood Paneling:  Framing support for laminate wall and ceiling paneling is important for both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We carefully positioned framing to prevent potential sagging or warping over time by evenly distributing the weight of the panels and any applied loads. This solid foundation guaranteed secure panel attachment, with metal studs strategically positioned to support weight across the wall surface. Beyond structural benefits, proper framing facilitated a seamless and enduring finish, especially behind and above the reception desk, enhancing an ordinary everyday space into an inviting and timeless environment. Moreover, the ceiling paneling in the conference room was safely constructed to separate two acoustical ceiling nests to add visual interest.

The Challenge

  • Initial Concerns: RRMM expressed concerns regarding confining construction dust and debris to specific areas as their business operations continued during the construction period.
  • Specific Needs:  They stressed minimizing disruptions and maintaining a conducive work environment. RRMM set a strict 120-day timeline to meet their business objectives efficiently. They also requested phased work to ensure seamless integration with operations and minimize downtime.

Our Approach

  • Consulting and Planning:  We conducted a thorough assessment of the facility to identify priority areas for renovation and determine the most efficient sequencing of tasks. We then customized a plan involving phasing the renovation process to fit the client's need to relocate employees while completing tasks like replacing carpet and ceiling tiles and painting throughout their entire office efficiently. A detailed schedule outlining which areas would be worked on at each stage of the project was developed.
  • Customized Solution: We strategically phased the renovation work to allow the client to relocate employees as needed, ensuring that their day-to-day operations could continue smoothly. This involved clear communication and coordination between our team and our client to minimize inconvenience and maintain productivity throughout the process.
  • Execution: We prioritized tasks such as replacing ceiling tiles and carpet and painting to minimize downtime in each area and expedite the overall completion of the project.

Results and Impact

By carefully planning and executing the renovation in stages, we were able to meet the client's requirements while delivering high-quality results within the specified timeframe. This customized approach not only minimized disruptions but also ensured that the renovation process was efficient and tailored to this client's needs.

"Mid-Atlantic Building Services was a personable group and easy to work with. Our project involved multiple phases of renovations to a fully occupied office. We were able to complete the project with limited interruption of our home-base operations."

— Donna Elliott, Architect & Chief Executive Officer, RRMM Architects

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